Express Mail Service (EMS) is the fastest mail stream within the Grenada Postal Corporation. It was introduced in 1995, designed to target customers wishing to move documents and packages to the USA, Canada and the Caribbean speedily in a cost-effective manner.

The Service has now expanded to include Britain, China, France and South Africa.

Local Express Mail Service is also available. Delivery within 24 hours is guaranteed.

Posting Guidelines

  • The maximum weight of an Express item to be posted is 44 pounds (20Kg) for most countries.
  • Contents of parcels or packages must be properly packaged to minimize damage in handling.
  • Persons posting Express packages must present a valid form of picture identification.
  • Items prohibited by UPU regulations are not accepted.

We Offer:

  • Low cost Postage: our postage rates are tailored to suit your pocket.
  • Tracking Convenience: your tracking number allows you to trace your packages to its final destination.
  • Global Postal Network: Postal Corporation is backed by the networking strength of 191 member countries.
  • Security: your merchandise is safe and secure.
  • Reliability: your packages will arrive at its final destination in a timely manner.
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What is Express Mail?

Express mail is a service offered by Grenada Postal Corporation targeting customers with a need for reliable and reasonably priced expeditious delivery.

Are there items I cannot send by Express Mail?

Yes, items prohibited by Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulations for example: Explosives, poisons, compressed gas, flammable liquids, corrosives, flammable solids and other materials which can cause annoyance or discomfort in the event of leakage.

Where can one obtain Express Mail service?

Express Mail service is available at all major postal outlets nationwide.

Grand Anse


Bruce Street


Burns Point








St. David's




How Much Does Express Mail cost?

The cost of the service depends on weight and destination.


First Pound

Additional Pound



$5.00 each



$5.00 each



$15.00 each



$15.00 each



$15.00 each



$15.00 each



$15.00 each



$15.00 each

South Africa


$15.00 each

How long does it take to receive an Express item from overseas?

Express Mail can take from three days and not more than seven days to be delivered. Documents usually arrive faster than shipments with merchandise.

What happens when Express items arrives?

  • All items are scanned into Postal Database System.
  • Addressees are notified by phone and written notices.
  • Express items containing documents are delivered the same day to addressees within the vicinity of St. George's.
  • Addressees receiving packages are required to collect same at the Post Office.
  • Items for addressee living outside of St. George's are sent to their respective District Post Offices for examination and assessment of duties.
  • In rare instances, someone with a delivery address outside of St. George's may be required to collect his/her items
    from the head office at Burns Point.

If my Express item is loss will I be compensated?

Every item is insured. Compensation will be paid by the Corporation pending the results of proper investigations to determine the status of a lost or stolen express item.

What can I post using Express Mail?

  • Documents: for example, items from your bank, or lawyer which require an urgent signature abroad. Express Mail takes care of getting those documents to and fro with no hassle, and with peace of mind.
  • Merchandise: for example, a gift mug, gifts for associates abroad, or similar items can be posted by Express Mail.

Is item packaging important?

Items should be securely packaged to avoid shrinkage, leakage, and any damage during shipping and handling.

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