The Mail Bag Service is a service which enables business the opportunity to receive mails without leaving their premises or going to the Post Office. This service provides benefits to businesses which can save time and money.

How can one obtain Mail Bag service?

  • Come into GPC and fill out application form
  • Pay required fees
  • If you are the holder of a private letter box and wish to upgrade to the Mail Bag service you will be charged the difference between the private letter box and the Mail Bag service.

Benefits Include:
Security: Designated employees sort and prepare mail for delivery.
Privacy: Mail is delivered in sealed bags to authorized persons within your establishment.
Permanent Address: The Mail Bag address is yours for life.
Good Business: GPC takes care of your postal needs all the way to your doorsteps.
Frequent Delivery: Mail is delivered to your business twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursday) via scooters.

What is the cost of this service?

The cost for this service is three hundred dollars ($300.00) per annum, which is paid in advance. Service commence when fees are paid.

 What does the Mail Bag number look like?

The number will carry the format:
MB 9010 (which is your number)
The name of your business
Your Location (Street or village)
The parish your business is located

What happens if payment is not made in advance?

Your service will be discontinued until payment is paid in full.

What happens to the mail?

Grenada Postal Corporation will hold the mail for a period of one month then returned it to sender.

How long after payment is made will the service resume?

Your service will resume immediately.

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