What is Stuff 'N' Seal?

Stuff 'N' Seal is a service offered by Grenada Postal Corporation to businesses and organisations who have large quantities of a document to mail to customers.

 How can Grenada Postal Corporation (GPC) help?

  • GPC can help by collecting your documents and addressed envelopes.
  • GPC can stuff and seal your envelopes.
  • GPC can stamp postage payment.
  • GPC can deliver your documents on time.

What is the cost of this service?

Service cost is approximately $1.00 per envelope.

Does that include postage cost?

No, the cost of postage is based on weight and the country of destination. Total cost = $1.00 + postage.

When is payment due for the service?

Payment is due on completion of the job.

How will I be informed of the cost?

Potential customers are advised to enquire about the cost of the service before agreeing to use it. Our representative will guide you through the relevant charges associated with use of the service. On completion of the job you will receive an invoice detailing the following:

  • Date work was done
  • Number and cost of documents handled all itemized by country
  • Cost of handling
  • Total cost

How will I know if all items were delivered?

Items which are not delivered will be returned to you. Please ensure a valid address is placed on all submitted envelopes to ensure prompt delivery

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