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At GPC we take pride in connecting people and businesses through seamless mail and postal services. With a rich history of commitment to excellence, we striveto provide secure, timely, and affordable mail and package delivery services. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that every package is handled with care and precision, offering peace of mind to senders and recipients alike.

Our Mission

To be a profitable enterprise providing quality postal communication and related services.

Our Vision

Providing quality postal communication and related services to our customers in a timely, affordable, reliable and secure manner, using innovative means, with the objective of ensuring reasonable return to our stakeholders, a conducive and rewarding working environment for our employees and the development of the community which we serve.

Our Philosophy

To develop and maintain a profitable enterprise committed to meeting our customer s needs through innovative management at all levels, in a dynamic working environment.

Featured Products & Services

Tailor made postal solutions
crafted just for you

GPc Global

Shop online, anywhere in the world and receive your package(s), through our Global service that offers you a U.S. based address for your items to be delivered before being forwarded to Grenada.

Mail Forwarding

Efficient Mail Forwarding services by Grenada Postal Corporation – Seamlessly redirecting your mail to your preferred destination with reliability and precision.

Ordinary mail

It is the most economical way to send your gifts, postcards, letters and packages overseas. persons are able to send mails ( upto 2 kg )

Express mail

It is a premium service for sending parcels and documents. It enables mail to be expedited to its destination and provides swift delivery.

Service Provision and Mail Collection

The first step in the operation of the Grenada Postal Corporation involves the provision of a wide range of postal and related services. This includes accepting mail and parcels from customers, selling postage stamps, offering postal box rentals, and providing various courier and delivery options. The Corporation's staff members are responsible for ensuring that all postal transactions are conducted efficiently and accurately

Delivery and Distribution

After sorting and processing, the next step involves the delivery and distribution of mail and parcels. The Grenada Postal Corporation operates a network of postal carriers and delivery personnel who are responsible for delivering items to the recipients' addresses. This step is crucial to ensure that mail and packages reach their intended destinations in a timely manner

Customer Service and Support

Throughout the entire process, the Grenada Postal Corporation places a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service and support. This includes offering assistance to customers with their inquiries, tracking the status of their parcels, and addressing any issues or concerns that may arise during the postal process. The Corporation may also maintain customer service centers or hotlines to provide additional support and information.

Sorting and processing

Once mail and parcels are collected from customers, they are transported to central sorting and processing facilities. At these facilities, trained personnel sort and categorize the items based on their destination. This step is crucial to ensure that each piece of mail or package is routed correctly to its intended recipient, whether it's within Grenada or for international delivery

Organizational Structure

Board Of Directors

Mr. Adrian Francis

Interim Chairman Of Board

Mr. Cecil Belfon


Mr. Paul Mcintyre


Clevon Noel


Mrs. Vanessa Broomfiled


Mr. Khary Delves


Line Minister

Hon. Min. Dickon Mitchell

Infrastructure and Physical Development, Public Utilities, Civill Aviation and transportation

P.S Sylvia Bennett Thomas

Infrastructure and Physical Development, Public Utilities, Civill Aviation


Mr. Randal Robinson

Director Of Post

Mrs. Abeesha Toussaint

Deputy Director of Post

Mr. Justin Penny


Mrs. Monda Phillip


Mr. Karamo Mitchell


Mrs. Harriet Brizan

Human Resource

Ms. Genelle Bowen

Customer Relation


There Are 122 members of staff.

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