Advertising of Mail


At Grenada Postal Corporation (GPC), we go a step further to ensure that you and your message never go unnoticed. Introducing our Advertising of Mail service – a unique way to connect with your audience through the traditional mail platform. It’s not only about delivering mail; it’s about delivering your message, your value, your brand. From business promotions to event invitations, public notices to catalog distributions, our Advertising of Mail service aims to lend visibility and impact to your communication needs.

GPC’s Advertising of Mail service offers a distinctive edge to your direct marketing initiatives. But what exactly does it entail? Through an innovative approach, we transform your ordinary postal items into effective advertising tools. 

Innovative Advertising
Mail Service


The strength of Advertising of Mail lies in its ability to connect directly with your audience in a personal and tangible way. In the era of digital overload, a physical mail with a neatly printed advertisement stands out, creating a lasting impression. Several businesses and individuals have already experienced the transformative impact of our Advertisement of Mail service. It’s time to give your correspondence the advantage of uniqueness and authenticity. Let GPC’s Advertising of Mail be the silent, yet potent ambassador of your brand, bringing light to your image right at your audience’s doorstep.

Advertise with mail

Advertise on mail is a service offered by Grenada Postal Corporation which allows customers to send messages all across Grenada and the World in a cost effective manner.

Customers need to do five (5) easy steps

What do you need
to start this service?

What is the cost of this service?

The fees for this service start as low as $265.00.

Customer Base Weeks Cost Free Days
Inland One $265.00 One
Inland Two $510.00 Two
Inland Four $1000.00 Four
Inland Eight $2000.00 Nine
Inland & Intl. One $550.00 One
Inland & Intl. Two $1170.00 Two
Inland & Intl. Four $2000.00 Five
Inland & Intl. Eight $4000.00 Ten

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