Application for a Private Letter Box

Name and Address of Employer: (for applications in the name of am organization)
Row ID Passport No National ID Driver’s License NIS ID Actions
Classification By Use
Rental Period
1 2 3 Actions

Rental Agreement

1. I / We agree to pay the rental promptly.

2. In the event of mail being improperly placed in my / our allocated box, I / we will return same to the Grenada Postal Corporation immediately.

3. If approved, the assigned box will not be used for illegal purposes.

4. I / We accept responsibility for all mail addressed to my/our box.

5. I / we understand that the Grenada Postal Corporation may terminate the use of the assigned box if I / we fail to comply with all regulations regarding use of the same.

Deposits are refundable when all keys are returned and all arrears are settled.

Allocated No Key No Amount Paid ( plus deposit ): $ Receipt No Actions


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