Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail Service

Streamlined Efficiency

Step into a world of efficiency and cost-effectiveness with Grenada Postal Corporation’s Bulk Mail Service. Tailored for customers dealing with substantial mail quantities, this service offers a reduced postage rate, making it the economical choice for businesses and organizations managing extensive correspondence needs. Experience the convenience of streamlined processes that ensure efficient distribution, putting you in control of your bulk mailings.

Increased Productivity

Features and Benefits

Cost Savings

Bulk Mail provides a reduced postage rate, allowing businesses and organizations to achieve significant cost savings compared to standard mailing rates.

Convenient Pickup Services

For added ease, our Bulk Mail Service extends the option of requesting pickup services at your location. This service, typically available for a fee, eliminates the need for you to transport large volumes of mail, saving you time and effort.

Efficient Distribution

Our streamlined process ensures that your bulk mailings are distributed efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. From printing to postage, Grenada Postal Corporation is your partner in managing extensive correspondence needs with precision and ease.

What should one do to start this service?

Come into the Grenada Postal Corporation, fill out a form

Obtain a registration number

Make a down payment of $150.00

Request a quote