Bulk Postage Policy

Enter into a realm of efficiency and cost-effectiveness with Grenada Postal Corporation’s Bulk Mail Service. This service is designed for customers dealing with significant mail quantities and it offers a reduced postage rate, making it an economical choice for businesses and organizations managing extensive correspondence needs. Experience the option of streamlined processes that ensure efficient distribution, and monthly invoicing for your convenience.

Bulk Postage Policy

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Comprehensive Record Keeping

Upon the delivery of all Bulk Mail, we kindly request that companies provide a duplicate list of all mail to be processed. This list should clearly state the quantity of mail and the number of boxes. The agent dropping off the mail will be required to record the number and sign the log book provided by GPC.

Efficient Documentation

GPC’s officers receiving the Bulk Mail will sign and date the BPC delivery list accompanying the mail and retain one copy for our records. This streamlined documentation process ensures accuracy and accountability in every transaction.

Prompt Discrepancy Resolution

In cases where discrepancies arise between the BPC count and GPC count, our team will contact your company within five (5) working days after delivery. This prompt communication aims to quickly address any discrepancies and facilitate a smooth reconciliation process.

Space Considerations for Bulk Mail

To optimize space utilization, we kindly request that Bulk Mail exceeding five hundred (500) pieces be delivered at the loading area at the back of the building. For smaller drop-offs, the counter area remains accessible. This arrangement ensures efficient processing and handling of bulk mail items.

Timely Invoice Settlement

BPCs are kindly requested to remit payment of invoices within ten working days after the receipt of GPC’s invoice. Timely settlement allows us to maintain the efficiency of our operations and continue delivering top notch services. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support as we implement these policies to enhance our partnership and improve the overall efficiency of our Bulk Postage services.


Thank you for choosing Grenada Postal Corporation. Warm regards, Grenada Postal Corporation

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