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with Direct Mail

Direct Mail, a dynamic communication tool provided by the Grenada Postal Corporation, is meticulously crafted for small business owners seeking impactful outreach. This service encompasses both addressed and unaddressed mail, strategically curated to evoke responses from existing and potential customers. By directly delivering messages into consumers’ homes, Direct Mail facilitates effective engagement and promotion, positioning itself as an invaluable resource for businesses aiming to reach a broader audience and drive sustainable growth.

Seamless Integration

Key Features & Benefits

Targeted Engagement

Direct Mail allows small businesses to engage with their audience strategically, tailoring messages to specific demographics for maximum impact.

Cost-Effective Promotion

With its versatile addressed and unaddressed options, Direct Mail offers a cost-effective means of promoting products, services, or special offers directly to consumers.

Business Growth Catalyst

By placing messages directly into consumers' hands, this service acts as a catalyst for business growth, fostering meaningful connections and expanding the reach of small businesses in Grenada and beyond.

What are the different forms of direct mail?

Cost For Service

Costing is based on volume; Grenada Postal Corporation can write, print and deliver your sales letter at the rates listed here.

Volume Cost
500 $325.00
1000 $550.00
2000 $850.00

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