Domestic Letter Box

GPC Domestic Letter Box Service

Introducing our Domestic Letter Box Service – a new era of convenience and accessibility for individuals and businesses. This service provides a secure and centralized solution for receiving mail right at your doorstep. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your correspondence and embrace the ease of Grenada Postal Corporation’s Domestic Letter Box Service.

Personalized Identification

Features and Benefits


Our Domestic Letter Boxes provide a secure location for receiving your mail, ensuring that your correspondence is protected until you retrieve it.


Enjoy the convenience of accessing your mail at any time. With our Domestic Letter Box Service, you have the flexibility to retrieve your mail according to your schedule.

Personalized Identification

Each Domestic Letter Box comes with a personalized identification system, making it easy to distinguish and locate your box amidst others.

Subscription Options

Whether you’re an individual seeking a private mailbox or a business in need of an exclusive mail solution, our Private Letter Box Service offers subscription plans tailored to your unique requirements.

Choose a subscription duration that aligns with your needs, whether it’s a short-term arrangement or a long-term commitment. Our flexible plans cater to various preferences.

Overview of GPC Operations

How GPC Domestic works

Subscription Process

Signing up for a Domestic Letter Box is a straightforward process. Visit our designated locations, choose your preferred plan, and start enjoying the convenience of a dedicated mailbox.

Mail Notifications

Receive notifications when new mail arrives in your Domestic Letter Box. Stay informed about incoming correspondence, allowing you to plan your mail pickups efficiently.

Mail Management

Experience the unmatched convenience of Grenada Postal Corporation's Domestic Letter Box Service. Simplify your mail management, enhance security, and enjoy personalized access to your correspondence at your convenience.

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