Express Mail

What Is EMS?

That most important document rests in your hands today in St. George’s Grenada – it can be in Ontario, Canada by this time, next week, if you use Express Mail Service (EMS)!

GPC Express Mail (EMS) is the Grenada Postal Corporation’s response to your request for a fast-track for your mail deliveries. Whatever it is that you need conveyed quickly locally or overseas, EMS is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get it there in the mail.

How Fast is "FAST" ?

When you use Express Mail (EMS), your items are guaranteed to get to your desired destination within 5 -7 work days. 

What Can I Mail Through EMS?

The list is near endless for the things you can mail using Express Mail Service (EMS). Use EMS to deliver the following – and more:

Bank Documents

Legal Documents

Business Documents, etc.

Gift Items

Personal Items, etc.

Are There Items I Should Not Mail Through EMS?

Items prohibited from being mailed via EMS are as follow:

Any one (1) item weighing above 44lbs. (20 kg.)

Compressed gases



Flammable liquids/substances


Items that are Irritable

A Few Important Things You Need to Know When Sending Mail by EMS.
A Few Important Things You Need to Know When Receiving Mail by EMS.

Please bear in mind that the GPC cannot be held responsible for charges and duties established by the Grenada Customs and Excise Division.

What Countries Can I Deliver Items to Through EMS?

GPC’s Express Mail service is wholly supported by the airline services serving Grenada, thus the reach of our EMS is largely influenced by their flight routing; consequently, items that are sent to, and received from countries that are off the established air routes tend to take longer than the 3-7 days, which is the normal time frame within which mail conveyed by EMS takes for delivery. 

How much does it cost to use EMS?
Destination 1 lb. 5 lbs. Every lb. over 1 lb.
Caribbean $35.00 $55.00 $5.00
USA $50.00 $110.00 $15.00
Canada $50.00 $110.00 $15.00
UK $65.00 $125.00 $15.00

Items arrives at destination within five (5) to (7) working days.
No guarantee can be given for item arriving at destination in Canada within the 5-7 work day period. Est. arrival to be in 10 working days

How Do I Use Express Mail (EMS)?

Mail gets tousled around a lot. Prevent damage to your item as much as possible by securing it in sound packaging. Pack your item well to guard against compression and shrinkage, warping, breakage, tearing, leakage, and water-damage.

In the event that something should just go wrong with your EMS pouch or else, your placement of your receiver’s address on your packaging (before you place it in the EMS pouch) may work in your interest. Ensure that you do the following:

  • Check that your receiver’s address information is correct, or else your item won’t get to them.
  • Write your receiver’s address somewhere on your item’s packaging – even if you use a sticker-type address label (Stickers can lose their stickiness, or be removed) 
  • Write your receiver’s address legibly (or type it out) so persons handling your package won’t have a hard time understanding what you wrote.

Once you’ve packaged and addressed your item, come on in to one of our major Post Offices located in your parish. Our friendly staff are committed to assisting you, simply request use of the Express Mail service (or EMS) and we’d help you from there to realize fast delivery of your item.

(Step 3. *Business Modification) Give GPC a call. Request pick up for your Express Mail item and we’d do the mailing for you, we’d simply add the charge to your account. No wastage of time, no standing in line.

Where Can I Access EMS?


If you wish to send an item through GPC Express Mail Service (EMS), you can do so at any of the major GPC district (parish) Post Offices. They are as follow:

GPC Headquarters, Burns Point, St. George’s

Bruce St, St. George’s

Grand Anse, St. George

Petite Esperance, St. David

Central Deparadine Street, Gouyave, St. John

Queens Street, Victoria, St. Mark

Ben Jones Street, Grenville, St. Andrew

Main Street, Hillsborough, Carriacou

Petite Martinique


You can receive all your items arriving through EMS at any of the major GPC Post Offices, except in the following locations:

Bruce St, St. George’s

Grand Anse, St. George


Express Mail can take 5-10 work days to reach its final destination, dependent on the location .

In the event your item becomes damaged or goes missing, GPC will launch an investigation into the matter to get a clear understanding of what transpired, and the cause of the problem with your item. GPC will then take the course of action necessitated by its findings, and in the circumstance it becomes evident that your item went missing or damaged owing to no fault of yours, GPC will make every effort to reimburse you.

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