Flash Cash Service

Features and Benefits

Financial Convenience Services

Nationwide Flash Cash Transfer

Send flash cash to people across the State of Grenada.

Small Business Payment

An option for small business owners and customers needing a facility to make or collect payments for goods or services sold.

A Secure Place To Leave Monies For Collection

For people needing a secure, convenient and accessile location to leave monies for others to collect, because they are unable to deliver it

Overview Details

General Information


Your Electronic Postal Money Order

Hold on electronic postal money order

In cases where the GPC isinstructed by the relevant localauthorities to place a hold on a transaction(s) for whatsoeverreason, the GPC must complydue to its legal obligations.
The hold on a transaction(s) will only be removed as instructed by the authorities.

Refund and Voiding Policy

The sender can stop the transaction and request a refund once (i) payment to the receiver has not been made and/or (ii) the electronic postal money order has not been voided. A refund transaction takes 2-3 working days to process. Each refund is charged a reimbursement fee.

Unclaimed or Void electronic postal money order

An electronic postal money order that remains unclaimed after six (6) months becomes void. It shall not be available for payment. Only the sender can reclaim a voided electronic postal money order.


Additional terms and conditions apply.

Do you need to send or receive money locally?

TRY FLASH CASH! Purchase an electronic postal money order ... receive cash in a flash!

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Fees and Charges

Fee Structure Overview

It is a secured digital postal money order service that facilitates the instant remittance
of money. It is only available locally at selected post offices nationwide.

Amount Commission Reimbursement Fee
$1.00 - $25.00 $1.30 $0.35
$25.05 - $100.00 $4.75 $1.20
$100.05 - $150.00 $7.50 $1.75
$150.05 - $250.00 $9.35 $2.35
$250.05 - $500.00 $11.65 $2.95
$500.05 - $750.00 $13.95 $3.50
$750.00 - $1000.00 $17.40 $4.35

Reprint Fee $1.50

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