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The Grenada Postal Corporation extends a suite of essential business services tailored to meet the diverse needs of local enterprises and organizations. Among these services, businesses can leverage bulk mailing and direct mail marketing solutions to efficiently reach their target audiences with promotional materials and advertisements. Additionally, the Corporation offers business mailbox rentals, ensuring companies have a secure and professional mailing address, allowing for secure receipt of correspondence and packages. For the transportation of goods and products, the Corporation provides reliable parcel and package handling services, complete with efficient tracking systems. Businesses can also benefit from courier and express delivery options, guaranteeing the swift and secure transport of vital documents and time-sensitive shipments. For those engaged in international trade, the Corporation assists with international shipping and provides guidance on customs documentation and regulations. Furthermore, eligible businesses sending large quantities of mail or packages may access bulk postage discounts, resulting in cost savings. These services collectively enhance the efficiency and professionalism of local businesses, supporting their communication, delivery, and operational needs.

Grenada Postal Corporation's Business Services

Mail bag service

It is a service offered to businesses receiving large volume of mail. Businesses are serviced three (3) times weekly.

Electronic Postal Money Order

It is a secured digital money order service that facilitates instant remittance of money ordered through select post offices within the state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Electronic Payment Facilities (ePF)

It is a service that affords a customer the opportunity to make or collect payments from specified businesses and ministries at a GPC location closer to him/her.

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