E-Post Money Order


An Electronic Money Order (EMO) is a modern and electronic version of a traditional paper-based money order. It is a secure and convenient way to transfer money. EMOs are typically used for making payments, especially for services or products, in a manner that is safer than sending cash through the mail.

Common Questions and Answers

You can purchase an EMO at a participating post office or financial institution. Provide the recipient’s name and address and pay the desired amount plus the associated service fee.

The service fee for an EMO varies based on the amount you’re sending and the institution providing the service. It’s typically a small percentage of the total amount.

Instead of receiving cash, the recipient will need the unique reference number provided to you when you purchased the EMO. This number is used to access and claim the funds.

EMOs are generally non-refundable and cannot be canceled once they have been issued. It’s essential to be sure of the details before purchasing one.

EMO limits can vary depending on the institution and country. It’s best to check with the specific provider for their limits on sending money via EMO.

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