Mail Forwarding

Seamless Mail Management with Mail Forwarding

Discover the convenience of Grenada Postal Corporation’s Mail Forwarding Service, a dedicated domestic solution designed to cater to individuals with unique needs. Perfect for frequent travelers or those residing abroad for extended periods, our service ensures that your mail is seamlessly managed and efficiently delivered, providing a hassle-free solution to address your specific requirements.

How it works?

Personalized Forwarding Plan

Tailor your mail forwarding plan to suit your needs, whether you're a frequent traveler or residing abroad. Choose the frequency of forwarding and the destination, ensuring flexibility that aligns with your lifestyle.

Secure and Timely Delivery

Rest easy knowing that your mail is in safe hands. Our service prioritizes security and timely delivery, providing you with the peace of mind that your correspondence is being managed with the utmost care and efficiency.

Freedom to Travel

Experience the freedom to travel or reside abroad without worrying about missed mail. Grenada Postal Corporation's Mail Forwarding Service is here to streamline your mail management, ensuring you stay connected no matter where life takes you.

Catering to Travellers and Residents Abroad

Frequent Travelers: For those constantly on the move, our Mail Forwarding Service becomes an indispensable ally. Enjoy the freedom of exploring the world while we take care of collecting and forwarding your mail to you.

Extended Residences Abroad: Residents abroad can now experience reliable mail management. Our service ensures that your important correspondence and packages are handled with care, reaching you no matter where your journey takes you.

Common Questions and Answers

Obtain and complete an application form from any Grenada Postal Corporation office and submit same with the required down payment of $100.00.

Service cost is postage plus $5.00 handling for every shipment you receive.

Each time you receive mail your invoice will indicate cost of the present shipment and the balance carried forward on your account.

Mail will be forwarded once or twice monthly depending on volume.

  • You do not miss important mail while you are away
  • All mail posted by air mail
  • Mail posted once monthly
  • Your permanent address remains your chief address

If payment stops Grenada Postal Corporation will continue to send mail until the down payment is exhausted. Once the down payment is exhausted all mail will be retained for one month after which it shall be returned to sender.

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