Mail Hold

Secure and Convenient Mail Holding Services

Welcome to Grenada Postal Corporation’s Hold Mail Service – a tailored solution for individuals, both local and non-local, seeking the convenience of temporarily retaining their mail. Our service is designed to securely store your mail for a specified period, ensuring flexibility and peace of mind for those who require a temporary pause in their mail delivery.

How GPC Mail Hold Works

Flexible Holding Period

Choose the duration that suits your needs. Whether it's a week, a month, or longer, our Mail Hold Service provides flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements.

Effortless Resumption

When you're ready to resume regular mail delivery, the process is seamless. Contact us, and we'll ensure that your held mail is promptly delivered to your specified address, allowing you to transition back to normal mail services effortlessly.

Secure Storage

Your mail is in safe hands. Our secure storage facilities ensure that your correspondence is protected during the holding period, maintaining its confidentiality and integrity.

Who Benefits from Mail Hold

Travelers: If you’re on a short-term journey or an extended vacation, our Mail Hold Service allows you to pause mail delivery until your return, preventing the accumulation of unattended mail.

Temporary Residences: Individuals temporarily residing elsewhere can benefit from the convenience of holding their mail, ensuring it remains secure until they are ready to receive it.

Common Questions and Answers

Persons who should request this service:

  • Frequent travelers who don’t have someone to take care of their mail while away.
  • Persons living overseas for extended periods without a fixed address.
  • Persons who travel and are unsure as to how long they will be away.
  • Persons that work or live on a yacht or boat and don’t want important mail to be returned to sender.

Obtain and complete a contract application form from any Grenada Postal Corporation office and submit same with the required fees.

The cost of this service is $10.00 per month plus VAT

Contract is valid for a period of twelve (12) months.

At the point of application a down payment of $172.50 is paid to cover fifteen (15) months of service after which mails will be returned if not collected.

Yes, but only on the presentation of a notarized letter from the applicant.

Mail can be collected at the main Office of Grenada Postal Corporation located at Burns Point, St. George’s between the hours of 8.00am to 4.00pm – Monday to Friday.

Grenada Postal Corporation can deliver to you for a fee, please inform us of the time and place.

Renew your contract for another year.

  • Date work was done
  • Number and cost of documents handled all itemized by country
  • Cost of handling
  • Total cost

Items which are not delivered will be returned to you. Please ensure a valid address is placed on all submitted envelopes to ensure prompt delivery

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