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ZonesCaribbeanUnited StatesSouth AmericaCentral AmericaCanadaEast Africa
First PoundXCD30.00 XCD34.00 XCD46.00 XCD100.00 XCD36.00 XCD105.00
2-22 lbXCD5.00 XCD7.00 XCD10.00 XCD19.00 XCD7.00 XCD20.00
23 lb and upXCD3.00 XCD6.00 XCD8.00 XCD15.00 XCD6.00 XCD15.00
LbsCaribbeanUnited StatesSouth AmericaCentral AmericaCanadaEast Africa
1XCD30.00 XCD34.00 XCD46.00 XCD100.00 XCD36.00 XCD105.00
2XCD35.00 XCD41.00 XCD56.00 XCD$119.00 XCD43.00 XCD125.00
3XCD40.00 XCD48.00 XCD$66.00 XCD138.00 XCD50.00 XCD145.00
4XCD45.00 XCD55.00 XCD76.00 XCD157.00 XCD57.00 XCD165.00
5XCD50.00 XCD62.00 XCD86.00 XCD176.00 XCD64.00 XCD185.00
6XCD55.00 XCD69.00 XCD96.00 XCD195.00 XCD71.00 XCD205.00
7XCD60.00 XCD76.00 XCD106.00 XCD214.00 XCD78.00 XCD225.00
8XCD65.00 XCD83.00 XCD116.00 XCD233.00 XCD85.00 XCD245.00
9XCD70.00 XCD90.00 XCD126.00 XCD252.00 XCD92.00 XCD265.00
10XCD75.00 XCD97.00 XCD136.00 XCD271.00 XCD99.00 XCD285.00
11XCD80.00 XCD104.00 XCD146.00 XCD290.00 XCD106.00 XCD305.00
12XCD85.00 XCD111.00 XCD156.00 XCD309.00 XCD113.00 XCD325.00
13XCD90.00 XCD118.00 XCD166.00 XCD328.00 XCD120.00 XCD345.00
14XCD95.00 XCD125.00 XCD176.00 XCD347.00 XCD127.00XCD365.00
15XCD100.00 XCD132.00 XCD186.00 XCD366.00 XCD134.00 XCD385.00
16XCD105.00 XCD139.00 XCD196.00 XCD385.00 XCD141.00 XCD405.00
17XCD110.00 XCD146.00 XCD206.00 XCD404.00 XCD148.00XCD425.00
18XCD115.00 XCD153.00 XCD216.00 XCD423.00 XCD155.00 XCD445.00
19XCD120.00 XCD160.00 XCD226.00 XCD442.00 XCD162.00 XCD465.00
20XCD125.00 XCD167.00 XCD236.00 XCD461.00 XCD169.00 XCD485.00
21XCD130.00 XCD174.00 XCD246.00 XCD480.00 XCD176.00 XCD505.00
22XCD135.00 XCD181.00 XCD256.00 XCD499.00 XCD183.00 XCD525.00
23XCD138.00 XCD187.00 XCD264.00 XCD514.00 XCD189.00 XCD540.00
24XCD141.00 XCD193.00 XCD272.00 XCD529.00 XCD195.00 XCD555.00
25XCD144.00 XCD199.00 XCD280.00 XCD544.00 XCD201.00 XCD570.00
26XCD147.00 XCD205.00 XCD288.00 XCD559.00 XCD207.00 XCD585.00
27XCD150.00 XCD211.00 XCD296.00 XCD574.00 XCD213.00 XCD600.00
28XCD153.00 XCD217.00 XCD304.00 XCD589.00 XCD219.00 XCD615.00
29XCD156.00 XCD223.00 XCD312.00 XCD604.00 XCD225.00 XCD630.00
30XCD159.00 XCD229.00 XCD320.00 XCD619.00 XCD231.00 XCD645.00
31XCD162.00 XCD235.00 XCD328.00 XCD634.00 XCD237.00 XCD660.00
32XCD165.00 XCD241.00 XCD336.00 XCD649.00 XCD243.00 XCD675.00
33XCD168.00 XCD247.00 XCD344.00 XCD664.00 XCD249.00 XCD690.00
34XCD171.00 XCD253.00 XCD352.00 XCD679.00 XCD255.00 XCD705.00
35XCD174.00 XCD259.00 XCD360.00 XCD694.00 XCD261.00 XCD720.00
36XCD177.00 XCD265.00 XCD368.00 XCD709.00 XCD267.00 XCD735.00
37XCD180.00 XCD271.00 XCD376.00 XCD724.00 XCD273.00 XCD750.00
38XCD183.00 XCD277.00 XCD384.00 XCD739.00 XCD279.00 XCD765.00
39XCD186.00 XCD283.00 XCD392.00 XCD754.00 XCD285.00 XCD780.00
40XCD189.00 XCD289.00 XCD400.00 XCD769.00 XCD291.00 XCD795.00
41XCD192.00 XCD295.00 XCD408.00 XCD784.00 XCD297.00 XCD810.00
42XCD195.00 XCD301.00 XCD416.00 XCD799.00 XCD303.00 XCD825.00
43XCD198.00 XCD307.00 XCD424.00 XCD814.00 XCD309.00 XCD840.00
44XCD201.00 XCD313.00 XCD432.00 XCD829.00 XCD315.00 XCD855.00
ZonesMiddle AfricaNorthern AfricaSouthern AfricaWestern AfricaASIA
First PoundXCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00
2-22 lbXCD20.00 XCD20.00 XCD20.00 XCD20.00 XCD20.00
23 lb and upXCD15.00 XCD15.00 XCD15.00 XCD15.00 XCD15.00
LbsMiddle AfricaNorthern AfricaSouthern AfricaWestern AfricaASIA
1XCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00
2XCD125.00 XCD125.00 XCD125.00 XCD125.00 XCD125.00
3XCD145.00 XCD145.00 XCD145.00 XCD145.00 XCD145.00
4XCD165.00 XCD165.00 XCD165.00 XCD165.00 XCD165.00
5XCD185.00 XCD185.00 XCD185.00 XCD185.00 XCD185.00
6XCD205.00 XCD205.00 XCD205.00 XCD205.00 XCD205.00
7XCD225.00 XCD225.00 XCD225.00 XCD225.00 XCD225.00
8XCD245.00 XCD245.00 XCD245.00 XCD245.00 XCD245.00
9XCD265.00 XCD265.00 XCD265.00 XCD265.00 XCD265.00
10XCD285.00 XCD285.00 XCD285.00 XCD285.00 XCD285.00
11XCD305.00 XCD305.00 XCD305.00 XCD305.00 XCD305.00
12XCD325.00 XCD325.00 XCD325.00 XCD325.00 XCD325.00
13XCD345.00 XCD345.00 XCD345.00 XCD345.00 XCD345.00
14XCD365.00 XCD365.00 XCD365.00 XCD365.00 XCD365.00
15XCD385.00 XCD385.00 XCD385.00 XCD385.00 XCD385.00
16XCD405.00 XCD405.00 XCD405.00 XCD405.00 XCD405.00
17XCD425.00 XCD425.00 XCD425.00 XCD425.00 XCD425.00
18XCD445.00 XCD445.00 XCD445.00 XCD445.00 XCD445.00
19XCD465.00 XCD465.00 XCD465.00 XCD465.00 XCD465.00
20XCD485.00 XCD485.00 XCD485.00 XCD485.00 XCD485.00
21XCD505.00 XCD505.00 XCD505.00 XCD505.00 XCD505.00
22XCD525.00 XCD525.00 XCD525.00 XCD525.00 XCD525.00
23XCD540.00 XCD540.00 XCD540.00 XCD540.00 XCD540.00
24XCD555.00 XCD555.00 XCD555.00 XCD555.00 XCD555.00
25XCD570.00 XCD570.00 XCD570.00 XCD570.00 XCD570.00
26XCD585.00 XCD585.00 XCD585.00 XCD585.00 XCD585.00
27XCD600.00 XCD600.00 XCD600.00 XCD600.00 XCD600.00
28XCD615.00 XCD615.00 XCD615.00 XCD615.00 XCD615.00
29XCD630.00 XCD630.00 XCD630.00 XCD630.00 XCD630.00
30XCD645.00 XCD645.00 XCD645.00 XCD645.00 XCD645.00
31XCD660.00 XCD660.00 XCD660.00 XCD660.00 XCD660.00
32XCD675.00 XCD675.00 XCD675.00 XCD675.00 XCD675.00
33XCD690.00 XCD690.00 XCD690.00 XCD690.00 XCD690.00
34XCD705.00 XCD705.00 XCD705.00 XCD705.00 XCD705.00
35XCD720.00 XCD720.00 XCD720.00 XCD720.00 XCD720.00
36XCD735.00 XCD735.00 XCD735.00 XCD735.00 XCD735.00
37XCD750.00 XCD750.00 XCD750.00 XCD750.00 XCD750.00
38XCD765.00 XCD765.00 XCD765.00 XCD765.00 XCD765.00
39XCD780.00 XCD780.00 XCD780.00 XCD780.00 XCD780.00
40XCD795.00 XCD795.00 XCD795.00 XCD795.00 XCD795.00
41XCD810.00 XCD810.00 XCD810.00 XCD810.00 XCD810.00
42XCD825.00 XCD825.00 XCD825.00 XCD825.00 XCD825.00
43XCD840.00 XCD840.00 XCD840.00 XCD840.00 XCD840.00
44XCD855.00 XCD855.00 XCD855.00 XCD855.00 XCD855.00
First PoundXCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00XCD105.00 XCD41.00
2-22 lbXCD20.00 XCD20.00 XCD20.00XCD20.00 XCD9.00
23 lb and up lbXCD15.00 XCD15.00 XCD15.00XCD15.00 XCD7.00
1XCD105.00 XCD105.00 XCD105.00XCD105.00 XCD41.00
2XCD125.00 XCD125.00 XCD125.00XCD125.00 XCD50.00
3XCD145.00 XCD145.00 XCD145.00XCD145.00 XCD59.00
4XCD165.00 XCD165.00 XCD165.00XCD165.00 XCD68.00
5XCD185.00 XCD185.00 XCD185.00 XCD185.00 XCD77.00
6XCD205.00 XCD205.00 XCD205.00 XCD205.00 XCD86.00
7XCD225.00 XCD225.00 XCD225.00 XCD225.00 XCD95.00
8XCD245.00 XCD245.00 XCD245.00 XCD245.00 XCD104.00
9XCD265.00 XCD265.00 XCD265.00 XCD265.00 XCD113.00
10XCD285.00 XCD285.00 XCD285.00 XCD285.00 XCD122.00
11XCD305.00 XCD305.00 XCD305.00 XCD305.00 XCD131.00
12XCD325.00 XCD325.00 XCD325.00 XCD325.00 XCD140.00
13XCD345.00 XCD345.00 XCD345.00 XCD345.00 XCD149.00
14XCD365.00 XCD365.00 XCD365.00 XCD365.00 XCD158.00
15XCD385.00 XCD385.00 XCD385.00 XCD385.00 XCD167.00
16XCD405.00 XCD405.00 XCD405.00 XCD405.00 XCD176.00
17XCD425.00 XCD425.00 XCD425.00 XCD425.00 XCD185.00
18XCD445.00XCD445.00 XCD445.00 XCD445.00 XCD194.00
19XCD465.00XCD465.00 XCD465.00 XCD465.00 XCD203.00
20XCD485.00 XCD485.00 XCD485.00 XCD485.00 XCD212.00
21XCD505.00 XCD505.00 XCD505.00 XCD505.00 XCD221.00
22XCD525.00 XCD525.00 XCD525.00 XCD525.00 XCD230.00
23XCD540.00 XCD540.00 XCD540.00 XCD540.00 XCD237.00
24XCD555.00 XCD555.00 XCD555.00 XCD555.00 XCD244.00
25XCD570.00 XCD570.00 XCD570.00 XCD570.00 XCD251.00
26XCD585.00 XCD585.00 XCD585.00 XCD585.00 XCD258.00
27XCD600.00 XCD600.00 XCD600.00 XCD600.00 XCD265.00
28XCD615.00 XCD615.00 XCD615.00 XCD615.00 XCD272.00
29XCD630.00XCD630.00 XCD630.00 XCD630.00 XCD279.00
30XCD645.00 XCD645.00 XCD645.00 XCD645.00 XCD286.00
31XCD660.00 XCD660.00 XCD660.00 XCD660.00 XCD293.00
32XCD675.00 XCD675.00 XCD675.00 XCD675.00 XCD300.00
33XCD690.00XCD690.00 XCD690.00 XCD690.00 XCD307.00
34XCD705.00XCD705.00 XCD705.00 XCD705.00 XCD314.00
35XCD720.00 XCD720.00 XCD720.00 XCD720.00 XCD321.00
36XCD735.00 XCD735.00 XCD735.00 XCD735.00 XCD328.00
37XCD750.00 XCD750.00 XCD750.00 XCD750.00 XCD335.00
38XCD765.00 XCD765.00 XCD765.00 XCD765.00 XCD342.00
39XCD780.00 XCD780.00 XCD780.00 XCD780.00 XCD349.00
40XCD795.00 XCD795.00 XCD795.00 XCD795.00 XCD356.00
41XCD810.00 XCD810.00 XCD810.00 XCD810.00 XCD363.00
42XCD825.00 XCD825.00 XCD825.00 XCD825.00 XCD370.00
43XCD840.00 XCD840.00 XCD840.00 XCD840.00 XCD377.00
44XCD855.00 XCD855.00 XCD855.00 XCD855.00 XCD384.00

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