Eco-Friendly Charm

Sustainability in Small Packages

At Grenada Postal Corporation, we believe in sustainability at every scale. Our ‘Peanuts’ service exemplifies this commitment, offering eco-friendly bags of foam-like items. These items are placed inside boxes to protect your goods during shipping, ensuring they arrive safely while minimizing environmental impact. Choose ‘Peanuts’ for sustainable packaging solutions that care for your parcels and the planet.

The Grenada Postal Corporation offers packing peanuts that are commonly used in shipping and packaging because of their significant protective powers. They act as a cushion by filling the gaps between your goods and the rest of the space in the box, thereby preventing any damage to your items during transit.

Protect Your Goods

Sustainable Shipping Solutions

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Diverse Packing Essentials

Explore a variety of packing essentials tailored to meet different shipping needs. From bubble wrap to sturdy boxes, tape, and more, PEANUTS provides a comprehensive selection of packing materials to suit various items and shapes.PEANUTS is your partner in achieving packing perfection. Our range of packaging supplies ensures that your items are securely protected during transit, from the smallest trinkets to larger gifts and parcels.PEANUTS is committed to making your packaging process efficient and neat. With our high-quality packing supplies, you can achieve a professional and organized look for your shipments, leaving a positive impression on both senders and recipients.

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